Privacy 101 guide, book, tips and tricks?

Posted by on January 2, 2021 7:58 PM
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Hello everyone. So here’s some background info behind why I’m making this post: So 2020 has been a real crapper yknow? I never really considered myself as super political but for the past few years I’ve become more politically involved and self aware especially when the country almost burned down to the ground last year (lol “last” year). I am now more tempted in doing more activist style of political engagement; so with that said, are there any 101/foundational privacy, security, and anonymity tips, tricks, and steps for me to follow when engaging in activism style activities online? Any guides, books, or links that anyone can recommend? And after the foundational skillset, are there any more unorthodox or “advanced” approaches to online security, privacy, and anonymity?

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