Thoughts on Brave browser today?

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Yea. Before you say I should use the search function, I already did that and I saw mixed inputs and pretty dated topics.

One that caught my attention was the provided details of one user of whom I asked why Brave has become shady lately.

Let me quote what he responded.

Outside the fact that even when user opts-out of BAT program, “play ads in background when browser not in use” is automatically toggled to “on” in Brave settings, hidden deep within a menu unrelated to BAT or Privacy (major complaint, yet Dev has yet to “fix” the issue. First time it happened to me was after an update, without any notice or consent); here are more sources about Brave’s harmful crypto mining background activity:

Peer reviewed study on Researchgate: A First Look at Browser-Based Cryptojacking:

“It is worth noting that some browsers might actually take the exact opposite approach and promote in-browser mining, as it enables a form of monetizing websites independent of both (1) ad networks and the user track-ing that accompanies the current ad model, and (2) users maintaining some form of credits or currencies for making micropayment to websites they use (e.g., Brave Browser 23). Browser mining has been shown to not be as efficient as native mining applications today. Therefore, optimizations on how browsers pass system calls to the operating system can be made, or there can even be browsers designed specifically to support efficient browser mining.”

Cryptojacking, whether done with or without user consent, damages the user’s hardware, and research provided above shows that Brave does not mine crypto in an efficient safe way for CPU.

Security researches called out CEO late July of this year for absolutely nothing being fixed; including malicious domain forwards.

Here’s screenshots of security researcher publishing findings on Twitter & CEOs inappropriate & abusive replies to Brave users commenting underneath.

Here’s everything else that proves other ethical issues with Brave, which I described in post further down this thread you have yet to read thru. This includes not paying webhosts & creators with BAT users have opted to pay them, laundering money via BAT to USD conversion from a private bank acct charging transaction fees on both ends, and even BAT being banned from iOS version of app on December 10th, and more.

Other sources used:

BAT Growth

Brave Transparency Data

Tbh, I actually have never seen a thread or topic about Brave’s crypto mining background activity (or maybe because I live under a rock).

So, what’s your thoughts? Is it still worth using?

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