How’s privacy-friendly is this?

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Welp this is my entire setup so far so please let me know anything and everything. What I should/shouldn’t download, what’s not so safe, recommendations, everything.

Setup: Steam Discord(App) Reddit(Web) Firefox(Browser and possible search engine. Maybe DuckDuckGo) Anondaddy(or simplelogin) Razor Cortex: Game Booster MSI Afterburner GPU Drivers OneDrive Sync(Should I? I know this is a isn’t so privacy-friendly) DirectX BitWarden UBlock Origin(Will it work with Privacy Badger) Privacy Badger(Will it work with UBlock Origin) Firefox Containers(Google services in one container) Cookie Auto-delete(Do I use this or does Firefox have a function for this?) Bandicam(This ok? Any good screen recorder for gaming?) Protonmail Youtube(maybe peertube and freetube) Twitch???(App Vs Web?) Spotify(web browser maybe?) Thunderbird(idk how to use it. Just told to use it for emails/protonmail) Browser autofill phishing(Demonstrates what info your giving when using autofill. Is this privacy-friendly to use?) Netflix, Disney +, other streaming apps?(These safe to download as apps?(privacy wise))

Recommendations(Privacy-friendly options if possible) Free Video editing(Something I can download vids from phone to computer and edit. Privacy-friendly) Free Photo editing(App and Web options) Antivirus(BitDefender or is windows good enough?) LogMeIn Hamachi(Can you see if this is privacy-friendly? It’s believe it’s a VPN for gaming) Computer Cleaning software

Thank you!!

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