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Optus customers, not the company, are the real victims of massive data breach | Justin Warren

The Optus data breach has brought data security into the forefront of every Australian’s mind. Privacy harm is real

Straight after the breach, Optus made claims that it was “not currently aware of any customers having suffered harm”. This suggests that Optus doesn’t consider the widespread damage to people’s privacy harmful. Yet the specifics of how the breach happened don’t really matter. Overblown claims about online predators are used to pass ever-more intrusive surveillance laws that compel private companies to spy on us on their behalf. When companies like Optus collect data they don’t need, keep it for too long, or fail to protect it, there should be meaningful consequences. 00:43 Attorney general says FBI is working on Optus data breach – video

Those with power in Australia must be compelled to value our privacy more than their own power, money, or status or we will continue to see data breaches like this. We have pleaded, begged, and asked nicely for decades and have been ignored.

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