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TikTok May Have Illegally Used Kids’ Data, UK's ICO Says

The UK’s privacy regulator, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), has today served TikTok with notice that it believes the app may have breached UK data protection law, including processing the data of children under the age of 13 without parental consent. Internal documentation, obtained by Gizmodo and dating back to the time that the ICO believes TikTok may have breached children’s privacy rules, advises employees in the company’s PR department to say that “The app is only for users aged 13 and over, according to our terms and conditions. Advertisement

The reason the ICO is so cagey in not definitively declaring wrongdoing is that it has been down this path before with a big tech company. In the end, both parties settled in October 2019, with Facebook admitting no liability to the ICO about mishandling user data. “My main thought is that I think it shows poor judgment” on behalf of the ICO, says Tim Turner, a UK-based data protection expert. “ Advertisement

“The announcement doesn’t tell us anything concrete,” adds Turner. “ We don’t know how big the fine is going to be or even if there’s going to be one. Previously, TikTok advised its public relations teams to “downplay the China association,” as first reported by Gizmodo.

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