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TikTok Company's New VR Headset Competes with Meta on Price and Privacy

Meta is terrified of TikTok’s domineering presence in the social media market, and now it seems the company behind the app, ByteDance, is coming for Meta’s own stake in the Metaverse with a headset that’s the closest we’ve seen in price to the Quest 2. Considering Meta’s already contracted with Qualcomm for custom chipsets, it will be interesting to see how powerful this device will be compared to future Quests. Buy for $90 from Amazon Advertisement

The headband is just a single strap, but Pico is promoting that the weight of the device is balanced due to the 5300mAh battery sitting behind the head. The four buttons used in most modern games are shared between both controllers. Of course, the company did not show off this feature in-action. It was a deal that mirrored Facebook when it purchased Oculus back in 2014. Pico seems to be going after Meta and its metaverse directly with its “Avatar System.” The company also boasts its device’s ability to track facial muscles that will be reproduced on player’s avatars.

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