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Digital Bridge: California (privacy) dreaming — Arabic social media — Privacy Shield update

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WELCOME BACK TO ANOTHER DIGITAL BRIDGE. Now let’s break out those smartphones and get to it:

— Time is ticking down to get U.S. federal privacy rules on the books. With all things related to data protection, both California and Congress have legitimate points. In the Golden State’s defense, some (but not all) of its upcoming privacy rules are better than what Washington has proposed. Wonky issues like mandated data protection risk assessments and greater flexibility to update the state’s rules to keep up with technology should not be underestimated. That now all hinges on the standoff between California and Washington. Time is short ahead of the August recess to figure out a compromise. He’s previously helped me track ISIS sympathizers on right-wing social media platforms; outline how jihadists used an emoji-based codebook to sidestep Facebook’s content rules; and explain why Western far-right groups welcomed the Taliban’s victory in Afghanistan back in 2021. Still, it’s not like the Europeans haven’t had time to pore over the executive order. WONK OF THE WEEK

LET’S DO A TWO-FOR-ONE deal this week after Ilan Gur and Matt Clifford were just appointed the chief executive and chairman, respectively, of the United Kingdom’s Advanced Research and Invention Agency, whose $1 billion budget is supposed to mirror that of the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA. He has a doctorate in applied sciences from CalTech, and has spent part of his career working on battery technologies. — Brussels is in the clutches of corporate lobbying interests that could undermine Europe’s ability to hold (tech) companies to account, argues Georg Riekeles, a former Commission official and associate director at the European Policy Center.

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