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Experts Tell Congress to Blacklist Abusive Spyware Cos Like NSO

Members of Congress—you know, the people who can’t seem to do anything—are taking their considerable talents to the fight against digital threats. On Wednesday, the House Intelligence Committee held a public hearing to address the threat of “commercial cyber surveillance,” otherwise known as the spyware industry. Getting federal contracts is the ultimate prize for any defense contractor, and their investors. New victims of spyware abuses are popping up with increasing regularity. Kanimba subsequently launched a campaign to free her father, but, unbeknownst to her, she quickly came under surveillance via Pegasus—the NSO Group’s powerful spyware that can track nearly every move someone makes on a smartphone and in the physical world via location data. According to Railton, going after spyware firms’ financial backing has been the surest way to curb their bad behavior—and he urged Congress to do something. The decision to shut out NSO—along with another Israeli spyware firm, Candiru—has led to serious financial trouble for both businesses.

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