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Ring Doorbell Surveillance Footage Accessed by Law Enforcement Without Warrants or Owner Consent

A probe headed up by Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey has discovered that surveillance footage from Amazon’s Ring devices is being provided to law enforcement agencies without warrants or the consent (or knowledge) of device owners, with at least 11 incidents recorded by the company this year. Some other interesting pieces of information were revealed by the letter. The amount of law enforcement agencies partnered with Ring nationwide has grown to 2,161, up from just 400 in 2019. Separate data released by the company indicates that it received over 3,100 legal demands in 2021, up from 1,900 in 2020. Ring says that about 40% of these requests involve turning over user personal information in addition to the requested surveillance footage. surveillance #respectdata

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Senator Markey has also previously criticized the language Amazon uses in communications with Ring customers regarding law enforcement agencies, saying that they use “targeted” and “encouraging” wording to nudge users toward voluntarily sharing surveillance footage.

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