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California: Speak Up For Biometric and Student Privacy

That’s why EFF is proud to sponsor two bills in this year’s legislature—both with the co-sponsorship of Privacy Rights Clearinghouse—that would strengthen privacy protections in the state. These bills are focused on two particularly pernicious forms of data collection. This is the same type of provision that allowed Facebook users in Illinois to take the company to task for collecting their faceprints without permission. That case ended in a $650 million settlement for Illinois’ Facebook users. This simple bill gives those directly harmed by privacy violations—test takers—the opportunity to protect their data and privacy. Take Action

Speak up for California Student Privacy

If you believe that companies should have limits on the information they collect and that people should have ways to hold them accountable, please tell the California Senate Judiciary Committee to vote “yes” on S.B. 1189 and S.B. 1172.

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