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Colombian ISPs Show Steady Commitments to User Privacy But Key Transparency Gaps Remain

Colombia’s top internet and cell phone companies continued to maintain a high level of transparency about their privacy practices, and continued to implement best practices to protect customer data, free expression, and security in 2021. Today’s report is Karisma’s seventh annual ¿Dónde Estan Mis Datos? As in prior years, Karisma looked at whether companies’ transparency reports provide detailed information about government requests for user data and content blocking, how strong their data protection policies are, and whether they adequately disclose content blocking practices and data breaches. ETB scored 8 points, DirectTV earned 7 points, Hughesnet and Emcali each earned 5 points, while Skynet earned 3. In new evaluation categories added to assess companies’ policies regarding net neutrality and government interception of communications, the results were mixed. Movistar, Tigo, Avantel and Hughesnet were the standouts in these categories, each earning points for publishing their traffic management practices and publicly committing to protect net neutrality. Karisma also added new categories to document a highly controversial and constitutionally questionable surveillance practice that has come to light. Movistar, Tigo and Avantel are the only companies that have a protocol and documentation for data breach mitigation actions. Karisma’s full report is available in Spanish, and is part of a region-wide initiative that since 2015 has been holding ISPs accountable for their commitments on transparency and user privacy in key Latin American countries.

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