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Biden's 'AI Bill of Rights' Sounds Nice, But That's About It

The Biden Administration on Tuesday revealed a first-of-its-kind “AI bill of rights” calling on developers and policymakers to address longstanding issues of algorithmic bias and discrimination. The bill of rights, which focuses primarily on bias from AI systems deployed in the private sector, largely sidesteps growing concerns over the federal government’s own use of AI surveillance tools. G/O Media may get a commission Save 97% Prism Drive Secure Cloud Storage: Lifetime Subscription Lowest Price Ever! During a press briefing, policymakers involved in drafting the blueprint repeatedly said AI protections represent a modern extension of civil liberties protections. Advertisement

“It’s far too easy for landlords to deploy untested, unregulated, and unsafe technology we didn’t want or ask for,” Rogers said. Advertisement

Some fear the bill of rights could actually do more harm than good. Advertisement

In a statement, STOP said the bill of rights document endorses law enforcement use of AI systems during a time when advocates are calling for bans of particularly harmful AI tools.

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