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Open House: What steps should authorities take to protect students’ privacy?

Educational institutions should take measures such as appointing a woman attendant who must ensure that a mobile or an electronic device is not taken to common bathrooms and toiles. The height of washroom walls should be increased to ensure privacy. Self-restraint and ethical practices can help prevent an untoward situation. Violators should be punished to send a strong message to others. The government should act tough on violations of standard operating procedures for safety and security of students, especially girls. Avinash Goyal, Chandigarh

A wake-up call for institutions

The recent case of Chandigarh University should be a lesson to other institutions. They can take the help of the police to ensure better safety of students. Institutions should make sure rooms and common facilities provided to girl students are safe and secure. The university and college authorities should make sure that no such shameful act is repeated. Whosoever is involved in the video leak incident be harshly punished. MR Bhateja, Nayagaon

Monitor hostel residents’ activities

There is a need for enhanced vigilance at all stages while constructing a building, so that no one can breach others’ privacy. Bubby Soin

Deploy woman guard outside bathroom

The university authorities need to make foolproof arrangements to prevent a repeat of such incidents. The perpetrators of video leak should be awarded stringent punishment. Sapna Sharda, Chandigarh

Hostels for boys, girls should be at distance

Although the police have arrested four persons in the video leak case, the authorities should take stringent measures to prevent such incidents. Suggestions in not more than 70 words can be sent to

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