"Informing You Without Watching you."  @digitalprivacy, Thu 01/27:
The IRS Needs to Stop Using's Face Recognition, Privacy Experts Warn

That’s opposed to so-called 1:many facial recognition systems (the kind deployed by the likes of now-notorious firms like Clearview AI) that compare users to a database of (many) faces.

The revelation of’s use of 1:many face recognition drew immediate criticisms from a wide range of privacy groups.

“The IRS needs to immediately halt its plan to use facial recognition verification, and all government agencies should end their contracts with,” Seeley George wrote.

If a user is flagged by the facial recognition system, they aren’t blocked outright but are instead redirected to a video chat verification with one of the company’s team members.

In a tweet, Wyden said he was “very disturbed” that some taxpayers may feel like they need to submit to a facial recognition scene.

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