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Google readies interest-based advertising in Privacy Sandbox experiments

After years of speculation, setbacks, and criticism Google is trialing a new proposal in its Privacy Sandbox initiative called “Topics” which it claims will facilitate interest-based advertising long after it sunsets third-party cookies in its Chrome browser in 2023.

Google did not provide more details about these companies’ participation — including how many and what type of websites they covered.

Privacy Sandbox experiments have been underway since 2020, the year Google officially confirmed it would roll back support for third-party cookies, the early results of which have polarized opinions with some voicing concerns that Google was covertly going about cementing its dominance in the ad tech market.

“Some of the platforms have already stopped support for third-party cookies, but Google’s really the only one to take this open, collaborative approach in figuring out what the part forward is,” he said.

“Our goal is to really find out what works for the publishers [and advertisers] and also improves privacy.”

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