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Why Congress should pass data privacy legislation in 2022

Data privacy legislation has been on the Congressional to-do list for years, but as more states consider their own comprehensive privacy laws and Europe’s privacy regulation approaches its fifth anniversary, the federal government continues to lag behind.

Poorly crafted privacy laws can impose many direct compliance costs on businesses, which may have to hire data protection officers, conduct privacy audits, perform data-impact assessments, and respond to customers’ data requests.

ADVERTISEMENTFifty differing state privacy laws would impose these costs many times over, unnecessarily burdening U.S. businesses while offering no added value to consumers.

Not only should federal data privacy legislation preempt state privacy laws, it also should take a balanced approach to protecting consumer privacy while minimizing the impact on innovation and compliance costs.

Passing a comprehensive, bipartisan data privacy law should be at the top of Congress’ technology policy agenda in 2022.

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