Zoom is capturing clipboard on android devices on app startup.

Posted by on December 28, 2020 7:12 AM
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I am a FIITJEE student. They lock our Samsung tabs with custom set of Privacy Policies with Samsung Knox Manage. AFAIK, they don’t mess with apps like zoom and other third party apps when giving them to us. Every time, EVERY TIME I open Zoom on that tab, which does not allow clipboard usage, It shows that Clipboard is disabled.

That means only one thing, the zoom app does ask for the clipboard data.

Try it for yourself! I know that as soon as the zoom team sees this, they will patch it to not show their evil side to you guys.

I am out of my house for sometime and I will post a video about it here in the comments as soon as I reach back on 3rd Jan. Till then, please be safe my fellow privacy enthusiasts.

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