Mobile Privacy in 2020?

Posted by on December 27, 2020 2:00 PM
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Hello friends,

Recently, I’ve begun to realize that, more than ever, the importance of having some degree of sovereignty over your personal information is paramount as society continues to discriminate and scrutinize individuals ever more thoroughly.

Despite knowing full well the government has nearly limitless resources to encroach on and transgress an individual’s privacy (e.g. audio capture with phone gyroscopes, backdoors installed in consumer harddrives etc.), I’ve nonetheless started attempting to shore up the amount of information I hemorrhage on a daily basis, but I’m most curious about cellphones/iPhones in particular. I’m more or less aware of the garden variety vulnerabilities and suggestions to counteract them, but do preventative measures actually accomplish anything at all in the end?

For example, audio and video. Back in 2013 when programs such as Dropout Jeep were briefly of particular public interest following Snowden’s revelations. Bucketloads of websites caution you to use encrypted messaging and voice apps to protect your communications, but what use do these precautions serve if the device itself is compromised? Do we still have any reason to believe that these entities don’t have unfettered access to our cameras and microphones at any given time?

All that to say, can we be certain of *any* degree of protection, or should it be assumed that our phones are/are ready to record at any moment of any day?

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